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DCM VIVIMUS® is an absolute winner that is indispensable for the construction of a garden. Thanks to the safe and constant composition, this product provides a humus-rich soil that can retain water and nutrients. In combination with the existing garden soil, the ideal growing medium is formed for fast and smooth rooting. Unlike many classic composts, DCM VIVIMUS® digests very slowly, so that a good soil structure is retained for much longer.

By the way, did you know that when using DCM VIVIMUS® the chance of failure is very small? After all, the high-quality additives and useful bacteria (Bacillus sp.) In this product strongly stimulate soil life, which is indispensable for a healthy and active root system. This means that you will not give your customer disappointing results afterwards.

A simple test on a planting with and without DCM VIVIMUS® will quickly convince you.


✓ organic soil improver

✓ topper for planting hedges, trees and all perennials

✓ digests very slowly, so that a good soil structure is maintained for a long time

✓ contains useful soil bacteria for better absorption of nutritional elements


Are you dealing with new construction projects or compacted grounds, low in organic matter?

Then DCM VIVISOL® (10-20 kg / 100 m²) is the solution. This soil improver with added soil bacteria (Bacillus sp.) gives a real boost to exhausted soils and makes soil phosphorus absorbable. For healthy roots, a resistant soil and a lower failure rate.

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