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Mad about Mangave®

Mangave® is proof of a fine art of breeding. As an interspecific hybrid, Mangave® has the best properties of its parents. The sustainable character and the impressive shapes of Agave and the unique color splendor of the Manfreda. The softer spines can also be seen as beneficial, making the plants easier to handle. The Mad About Mangave® series collects varieties with interesting shapes and colors. The varieties in this series are easy growers once they are at the desired size, they must be dried so that they no longer grow. These succulents prefer a place in full sun, the sunlight will really bring out the leaf colors. Beautiful as a solitary plant for the terrace or in a mixed flower box. Can also be used as a houseplant. Prefers a well-drained soil and is perfectly hardy to -5 ° C.

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