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Logistical strenght

Tree nursery Willaert uses a number of permanent horticultural growers for its plant supply, as well as an extensive network of European suppliers. It goes without saying that a sophisticated logistics process is necessary for the product and customer to meet in the best conditions. An overview of the most important order, delivery and transportation modalities.

Place orders quickly and easily

You can place an order by e-mail, fax or via the webshop. If you order online, you will enjoy an extra 1% discount on your purchases. You can also consult your current orders on the website quickly and easily. Please note, if you want to place orders via the webshop, it is necessary to request a password and username. Do not hesitate to contact us for this.

Pick up an order or have it delivered.

Most plants are in stock or available within the week. Orders can be picked up - you will receive an additional 6% discount - or delivered to your location for a small additional charge. Fixed delivery days and fixed francs per region are used for this.

Safe and efficient transport guaranteed

Smooth deliveries, satisfied customers. In addition to our own modern truck fleet, regular professional transport companies are used in busier periods. To ensure that all plants are delivered in optimal condition, the following points of attention apply.

• Trucks are equipped with a thermally insulated loading space to deliver the plants in good condition, even at extreme outdoor temperatures.

• All trucks are equipped with a tail lift and pallet truck.

• Our regular drivers are responsible for unloading the goods as much as possible. Extra help is required for large quantities or bulky pieces.

• All own vehicles are traceable via satellite connection, which allows to estimate delays in the schedule as accurately as possible.

• Own transport software for ride simulation and optimal planning according to your wishes and in accordance with the legal regulations regarding driving and rest times.

Large trees are delivered directly from the nursery as much as possible to avoid the risk of damage or breakage during transshipment.

Belgium and Luxemburg



ZONE 1 delivery starting from €1.250
catalog price -2%
ZONE 2 delivery starting from €1.250
catalog price net
ZONE 3 delivery starting from €1.250
catalog price +2%

Cash & Carry

For those who choose their plants from our cash & carry and deliver themselves.
-6%* For those who order their plants and pick them up themselves.
-2%* For those who choose their plants from our cash & carry and choose delivery from us.

(*) Enkel voor C&C Roeselare



    ZONE 4 delivery ≥ €1.500 
catalog price +12%
ZONE 2 delivery ≥ €1.250 
catalog price net
ZONE 5 delivery ≥ €2.000
catalog price +14%
ZONE 3 delivery ≥ €1.250 
catalog price+2%
ZONE 6 delivery ≥ €2.500
catalog price +16%
delivery ≥ €3.500 (on the spot) : catalog price +2%

Cash & Carry

-10% For those who choose their plants from our cash & carry and deliver themselves.
-6%* For those who orders their plants and pick them up at Willaert.
-2%* For those who choose their plants from our cash & carry and choose delivery from us.

(*) Only for C&C Roeselare


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