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  • Energy saving

The offices at Willaert are optimally insulated. Timers and sensors prevent lights from being lit unnecessarily.
  • Rain water

All of the rain water is gathered in a 11,000m2 large basin. Moreover, the residual water of the sprinkling system and the rain water on the pavement of the cash & carry department is recycled.
  • Recycling

Paper, cardboard, PMC waste, foils, plant trays, metal, wood and batteries are separately collected and processed by professional recycling companies. The plant remains are processed into compost.
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship

Willaert uses eco-friendly and long-life packaging, CC trolleys, wooden pallets and boxes, iron boxes and reusable crates.
  • Logistics

A well-organized logistical system takes care of an optimal usage of the fleet to avoid unnecessary routes and travelling times. All of our trucks comply with the euro 6 standard.
  • Paper

Stationery, envelopes, catalogues, and so on, everything is printed on FSC-certified paper. Additionally, all of the invoices are digitally processed and catalogues are only printed on demand.
  • Green borders

Recently, a 8-metre-large plant border with bee- and butterfly-friendly plants has been constructed around the Willaert site and carpark.
  • Biodegradable pots

A large part of the aquatic plants is produced and delivered in biodegradable P7 pots.

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